Golf's Biggest Problem

The biggest problem in golf is that 84% of club golfers and 51% of pro's reach a handle position at impact which means they lose control of the club before they strike the ball, this means they can't hit the ball consistently towards their chosen target. The DST Impact Line Technology enables golfers to understand and familiarise themselves with the handle position which ensures they maintain control over the club with both hands until after the ball has been struck. The handle position that the DST Impact Line promotes has been proven to improve accuracy by 43% and distance control by 50%. While hitting the ball 6 yards further with the same club head speed. When a golfer understands what they're striving to achieve at impact by reaching an optimal handle position it has been proven that they are able to make dramatic improvements quickly and build a club delivery pattern that delivers club head control. The DST Impact Line enables golfers to use their clubs more effectively. 

"For all normal shots the hands have to be in front of the line of tension through impact"

Bertie Cordle; CEO and Founder of DST Golf


  "Striking the ball with the hands slightly ahead of the ball is fundamental to solid shot-making" Jack Nicklaus; Golf My Way


Geometry of Impact

Due to the structure of our bodies we have very similiar distances and angles between our eyes, the clubhead and our lead shoulder, which is the centre of the club head arc. This means that the geometry of impact remains the same with all clubs and shot types. The only thing that changes is the ball position and swing path, dependent upon the players shot type preference. As a result, when a golfer improves their impact position their entire game improves, regardless of whether they are hitting a wedge, a driver with a draw, a fade or a straight shot.

What is DST?

Delayed Strike Technology (DST) is a company focused on helping golfers to improve, by enabling them to have a clearer understanding of the handle position needed to control the club head at impact. DST has invented and owns proprietary intellectual property in the form of the DST Impact Line Technology, that can be manufactured into conforming sets of golf clubs, which enable the golfer to get the best out of their clubs. The DST Impact Line Technology has been approved by equipment standards within the R&A as conforming with the rules and regulations that govern the game. The DST Impact Line is a technology not focussed on the advancement of club materials or structure, instead it helps golfers understand how to use their clubs more effectively. 

How Does The Impact Line Work?

Using the DST Impact Line, a golfer can familiarise and rehearse the club delivery pattern that produces a lag impact. When this handle position is reached it means the golfer maintains the pressure point in the lead hand above the point of rotation on the handle. This stabilizes the handle giving the player control over the club with both hands, until after impact. 

When a player sets up to the ball, they typically have the shaft in a neutral position, meaning that the handle points towards the middle of their body. The vast majority of golfers make an educated but ill informed guess and simply try and return the handle to a similar position at impact. When a player does this they reach full extension in their downswing, a position where the shaft is aligned with the lead forearm before impact. This means that by the time impact happens the club has overtaken the lead forearm. This forces the butt end of the club (above the point of rotation on the handle) away from the stabilising pressure point that the lead hand provides, causing the golfer to lose control of the club prior to impact. 

In order for a player to familiarise themselves with the handle position that will ensure club head control at impact they need to push the handle of the club forwards towards the target while keeping the club face square to the target. This essentially delofts the club face. When a player performs this movement with a club that has the Impact Line they will be able to identify the optimal handle position because the lead groove, and the DST Impact Line form a straight line and point up to the players eyeline. 

 What is particularly clever about the impact line is that is works regardless of the grip preference that the individual has. For example if a player has a strong or weak grip the handle is still in the same location. The only thing that will be different is the orientation of the players hands on the handle. Therefore it allows all golfers, irrespective of grip style, club selection or shot type to familiarise themselves with the optimal handle position before every shot they play.

Ben Doyle (one of golfs great teachers) insisted that all of his students briefly press their hands forward before beginning their takeaway, to visually pre-set the impact position. He said that driving the hands through this aiming point correctly while sustaining club head lag as long as possible was the "secret of golf".

Golf lesson reflection by John Paul Newport.