What are the best ball strikers in the world doing that you're not?

How can you hit your best shots every time?

The best ball strikers in the game simplify their swings by pre-setting their arms and hands into a position that closely replicates their impact position at address, to strip out unnecessary movements from the backswing and downswing.

They maintain control over the clubface until after the ball has been struck.

Their hands lead the clubface through impact.

Their weight is predominantly on their lead foot at impact.

They prolong the amount of time that their clubhead travels down the target line.

They compress the ball by having their hands lead the club head through impact.


"For all normal shots the hands have to be in front of the line of tension through impact"

Bertie Cordle; CEO and Founder of DST Golf


  "Striking the ball with the hands slightly ahead of the ball is fundamental to solid shot-making" Jack Nicklaus; Golf My Way


The Optimal Impact Position

The over-riding goal in the golf swing is to maintain control over the club face until after the ball has been struck.

If you can achieve this then you can hit consistently good shots. Impact is the moment of truth, yet how often do we practice getting into the optimal impact position?  In the optimal impact position your hands lead the club face through the ball, with your weight already on your lead foot.  It is only after striking the ball that your club and lead arm should reach full extension where they are aligned with the centre of the club head arc, your lead shoulder. The low point of the clubhead arc should be on the target side of the ball which prolongs the amount of time that the clubhead travels down the target line. 

The DST Address Position

Now you understand the optimal impact position and the importance of maintaining tension in the club shaft until after impact, let us look at an address position which is logical, simple and strips out unnecessary movements.

In the conventional address position your hands are behind the line of tension which runs from your lead shoulder to the club face because the club shaft points to your belt buckle, this is a noticeably different position to impact where your hands are in front of the line of tension and your club should have forward shaft lean. So if you start from a conventional address position it forces you to make a series of complicated movements with your arms and hands in order to reach an optimal impact position. Too often golfers fail to achieve the optimal impact position and simply return to a position at impact that replicates the conventional address position with their hands behind the line of tension. 

Why don't we simplify the swing and learn from the best ball strikers in history. They align the main lever of the golf swing, the club shaft and the lead arm with the centre of the club head arc, the lead shoulder. The best ball strikers of all time start from an address position which closely replicates their impact position, this strips out the need to perform complicated movements during the backswing and downswing to get rid of a negative lag angle created by a concave lead wrist. By starting from an address position where the main lever is aligned with the lead shoulder it also builds a muscle memory of a position that you want to closely replicate during impact.

 "Remember that in your address position you are attempting to mirror your impact position." ....... "For all normal shots I establish this impact geometry at address. Because my left shoulder is always closer to the target than the ball I simply set up with my left arm and the club forming a straight line." Jack Nicklaus; Golf My Way


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