How DST Golf Clubs Work

The Secret of Golf is to have a delayed strike or lag impact where your hands lead the club face through the ball. As a result the club face is under control until after the ball has been struck. Enabling you to consistently improve your ball strike and accuracy.

The DST clubs have been designed with a specific sole angle. The sole is also wide and flat so that the club orientates itself horizontally on the ground in the set up position with the shaft of the club leaning forwards, towards your lead shoulder (which is the center of the club head arc).

The DST clubs incorporate a Hand Position Alignment Marker (HPAM) which runs at an angle down the front of the hosel. When the HPAM is aligned with your eye line and the leading groove on the club face, you have located the most logical set up position and optimal impact position. All you have to do is complete your normal swing but return the club to the same position through impact  and you will have reached the Optimal Impact Position.

DST Golf Clubs


DST Compressor Warm-up Clubs

The DST Compressor has a curved shaft, which replicates the shape of a normal shaft under maximum load during impact. The curved shaft forces you into a position where your hands lead the club face through impact.

The curved shaft combined with the sole angle and HPAM enables you to locate a set up position and practice returning the club to the same position through impact.

Through its design the DST Compressor forces you to rotate your body towards your target through impact and encourages you to have your weight on your lead foot whilst reaching a position where your hands are further forward than the club head, so the club has forward shaft lean at the moment of impact, whilst the club face is being held square to the target line. As a result you are forced to prolong the amount of time that the club head travels down the target line enabling you to sustain the line of compression and compress the ball. (Homer Kelley author of the Golfing Machine 1969 pg12 "the secret of golf is sustaining the line of compression")

Ultimately the DST Compressor warm-up clubs enable you to Locate, Train and Perfect the most effective set up position and optimal movement through impact.  It is the moment of truth in the golf swing.

Using the DST Compressor you can feel the sensation and build muscle memory of a movement where the hands lead the club face through impact.  

When swinging the DST Compressor you are using your full body weight and large muscles instead of relying upon your lighter, faster and more inconsistent arm and hand muscles to hit the ball. The DST Compressor promotes a swinging motion where the ball just “gets in the way of” the club head and is trapped between the club head and turf, rather than a hitting motion where the ball becomes the target in the swing.

DST  CR-10 Transition Clubs

The DST CR-10 8-iron and Wedge are transition clubs. They provide the natural progression for you to take the movements and feelings you have learned using the DST Compressor clubs and transition them successfully into your own conforming set of clubs.

The CR-10 clubs have straight shafts but comprise the DST patent pending technology. The Hand Position Alignment Marker (HPAM technology) allows you to pre-set your impact position at address, just like the best ball strikers in history. The HPAM technology provides you with the information and position to consistently control the club face through impact. The HPAM technology on the hosel and amended sole angle allows you to locate, train and perfect the optimal impact position with clubs similar to the one’s you use on a daily basis.

The first benefit of the HPAM technology is that by knowing where the optimal impact position is will improve your golf game, as the mind and body will use its athleticism to try and re-obtain the same position through impact as you were in at address. Research has shown that if golfers do not know where the optimal impact position is, they are unlikely to consistently reach it at impact. By having the knowledge of where the optimal impact position is, you are already provided with the information to make you a consistently better ball striker and player.

The second benefit of the HPAM is that it guarantees consistency in your set up position. Setting up the same way every time is a crucial element in getting the fundamentals right before you even start your swing.  You just need to align the HPAM (white line on the hosel) with the white leading groove on the club face and point both lines towards your eye line and you will have obtained the optimal impact position correctly. This is important because in order to become a consistently better ball striker, you need to have a repeatable pattern in your set up and swing. If you set up inconsistently, you will have inconsistent swings with varying results.  By guaranteeing that you set up the same way every time, the HPAM will allow you to establish a repeatable pattern in your set up and swing which will ensure tighter shot dispersion.