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DST is golf's missing link, aside from grip, stance, posture and alignment, the Optimal Impact Position is the fifth fundamental and it has never before been given such clarity. Check out the videos at http://www.dstgolf.com/video-gallery

Six DST Users in the Top 9 players tied for 3rd place or better at the Open D'Italia September 2015

This we launched the DST Compressor and CR-10 training clubs earlier this year, professional tour players around the globe have adopted them and incorporated them into their range sessions including 27 Major Winners. Last weeks Open D'Italia was another example of the clubs success with no less t... Read more

DST User Rikard Karlberg Wins the Open D'ItaliaSeptember 2015

It takes a tremendous belief and focus in oneself to stay in the present when you're coming down the stretch to win any golf tournament, but when it's in your rookie season and its your first real opportunity to convert into a European Tour victory, the pressure builds a level.  It ramps up ... Read more

A tribute to a record breaking season for Henrik Stenson & his long term friend and swing coach Pete CowenSeptember 2015

DST Golf operates in a world where we are close to the players and their coaches on a variety of professional tours, this gives us a unique window into seeing events and developments and pick up information that would otherwise fly underneath the radar of mainstream media. One such development we... Read more

DST user Lee Slattery victorious at the M2M Russian OpenSeptember 2015

Lee Slattery is a determined character and we would like to be the first to congratulate him on his fabulous win at the M2M Russian Open. The life of a professional golfer is not all sailing, and many a hard week is endured whilst not playing one's best golf. During these hard times a player has ... Read more

DST user Dominic Foos makes history by winning the Gant Open at just 17September 2015

Many congratulations to Dominic Foos on his maiden European Challenge Tour Victory at the Gant Open played at the Aura Golf Club in Turka, Finland from the 13th-16th August 2015. Foos made Challenge Tour history by becoming the youngest winner of an event at just 17 years old.  Foos started ... Read more

DST user Dicky Pride wins the WinCo Portland Open August 2015

Being close observers and participants in professional tournament golf gives us the opportunity to witness events that may not hit the big head lines but are none the less just as newsworthy. One such event was the first Web.com tour win of Dicky Pride a verteran of professional tournament golf. ... Read more