The DST Compressor

The DST Compressor


Why do golfers get frustrated? It’s not because they can’t hit the ball straight or long, everyone can hit a good shot. They get frustrated because they can’t do it as consistently as they want. For example, imagine two golfers of different abilities, golfer “A” might hit a good shot once in 10 attempts, where as golfer “ B” might hit 9 good shots out of 10 attempts, but it’s equally frustrating to both players. Because as skill improves so do expectations.

The important question which all golfers should be asking themselves is: what is causing me to be inconsistent? 

Surely if we all hit our best shot every time, golf would be a really satisfying and enjoyable game.

So, what IS causing the inconsistency? It’s because golfers don’t consistently reach a position at impact where they’re in control of the club face. They lose control of the club face prior to impact which means they get inconsistent results. 

The best ball strikers in history controlled the club face until after the ball had been struck. Impact is the moment of truth in the swing. It is the only position that really counts and whats great is that the optimal impact position remains the same for all normal shots. So, when we can master the Optimal Impact Position, all areas of our game will improve.

In fact, aside from the four fundamentals of grip, stance, posture and alignment, which are all set positions, the only other fundamental and arguably the most important is the “Optimal Impact Position”. After all, the ball doesn’t know or care what positions you reach at various stages of your backswing and downswing, it only responds to the direction given to it by the club face at impact! 

An interesting point here, is that after three years of studying the four greatest ball strikers in history, (Ben Hogan, Lee Trevino, George Knudson and Moe Norman) I can safely say they all swung the club in their own unique way. However, the common denominator was the movement that they all shared through impact. So what did they do so well? How did they control the club face until after the ball had been struck?

 Ben Hogan at Impact

They reached a position where their main lever in the swing (Lead arm and club shaft) were in front of the Line of Tension which is a straight line that joins one end of the main lever to the other (lead shoulder to the club face).

If we can do this it keeps tension in the shaft so the club face remains under control until after the ball has been struck

The curved shaft in a DST Compressor replicates the shape of a normal shaft under it’s maximum load during impact, that coupled with the Hand Position Alignment Marker (HPAM) on the hosel of the club forces a player to LOCATE, TRAIN and PERFECT the Optimal Impact Position.

The DST Compressor is the missing link in golf. It’s the first club ever that enables a player of any standard to feel the same movements and sensations as the greatest ball strikers in history. 

Once a player has learnt the importance of “sustaining the line of compression” and has felt the movements and sensations that the DST Compressor encourages, the DST CR-10 is our transition club which has a conventional straight shaft but it incorporates the HPAM and amended sole angle making it easy for you to transfer the feelings back into your own clubs. Together the Compressor and CR-10 clubs provide the cornerstone on which good golf can be both taught and practiced.

How does the HPAM Work

Firstly take your grip as normal then place the club head behind the ball as normal taking care to square the leading groove up with your intended target line, just like normal. Then simply point the “Hand Position Alignment Marker” towards your nose. Ensuring that the leading groove and HPAM appear as a straight line. You achieve this by de-lofting the club face, by pushing your hands forwards towards the target until the shaft points to your lead shoulder and the HPAM points to your nose, it’s that simple.

Once you have obtained this address position, simply take your normal swing but concentrate on returning your hands to the same address position through impact. When you do this you will have “sustained the line of compression” and experienced what Homer Kelley stated in his book “The Golfing Machine” as the Secret of Golf.

The image below shows the Hand Position Alignment Marker correctly aligned from the Players Perspective

Hand Position Alignment Marker (HPAM)


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