Education Committee of PGA's of Europe Approve DST Clubs

Education Committee of PGA's of Europe Approve DST Clubs


Delayed Strike Technology (DST Golf) is the designer and manufacturer of the Compressor and CR-10, wedge and 8 iron training clubs. Two ingenious training clubs that speed up the understanding of the Optimal Impact Position. The clubs enable all categories of golfer to locate, train and perfect the position and movement through impact required to control the club face and improve their consistency, control and accuracy. 


"The DST Compressor and CR-10 clubs have been evaluated by our Education Committee, who found them to be ground-breaking in design and will assist PGA Professionals in their coaching of golfers.  As such we are delighted to announce that they have been awarded the status of an Approved Product of the PGAs of Europe”. said Ian Randell, PGAs of Europe, Chief Executive.


The DST Compressor and CR-10 clubs are designed to enable the player to locate the simplest and most logical set up position and feel the movements and sensations required to “sustain the line of compression through impact” in order to improve the players ball striking technique. There is serious science behind the DST Clubs which is the outcome of a three year study into the bio-mechanics of ball striking but their success is being able to take the boring bio-mechanical data and translate that into feelings, sensations and movements that players can incorporate into their games.


The curved shaft in the DST Compressor replicates the shape of a normal golf shaft under it’s maximum load at impact. The curved shaft, coupled with the Hand Position Alignment Marker (HPAM) on the hosel and amended sole angle forces the player to feel the same movements and achieve the same positions as the greatest ball strikers in history. It achieves this by forcing the player to swing their hands passed the ball before the club head makes contact with it. While retaining a flat lead wrist which ensures the club face is square to the target. 


The CR-10 model is the transition club with a conventional straight shaft. However, it incorporates the HPAM and amended sole angle technology which provides the player with a seamless transition into their regular set of clubs.


"DST Golf's training clubs incorporate patent pending technology which are the first of their kind and can be used to self educate or be incorporated into formal coaching and academy lessons. One of the benefits of the DST Clubs is that you don’t have to hit balls with them in order to derive a benefit, which means they are just as useful for beginners as they are for Tour Professionals. DST clubs move the needle forwards in golf through helping players not only understand the proper technique but they allow a player to actually experience what that technique feels like. 


Approval and exposure by the PGAs of Europe, with its 36 National PGA’s and combined membership of 21,000 PGA Professionals provides a target audience for the DST Golf clubs, as well as providing PGA Professionals with an added revenue stream by promoting DST clubs to their club members through the recently launched DST Affiliate Program” explained Bertie Cordle, DST Golf, Chief Executive.


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