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Henrik Demonstrates The DST Compressor


In running the DST World Tour Programs, Rich Massey VP Operations has been introducing the DST Clubs to players on the PGA & LPGA Tours. 


"We’ve had an incredible response and adoption rate from almost all players who we’ve spoken to so far, these players now choose to include the DST Clubs as an integral part of their practice routines. In fact since launching the company at the PGA Merchandise Show in late January in Orlando, we got over 40 PGA Tour Players & 15 LPGA Players training with our clubs. I was a Tour Professional for twelve years and have been working in various operational capacities at PGA Tour events over the last ten years. That means I’ve had 22 years of exposure to the best professionals in the world, I see first hand what they work on, who they work with and what drills and swing aids they use. I have never seen anything comparable to the take up of these clubs before. The DST Clubs provide these players with a feeling that they clearly derive a benefit from. It’s not surprising that they have been adopted so swiftly, especially when you consider that the DST Clubs were the outcome of a three year study into the bio-mechanics of ball striking. There is serious science behind them but their success is due to the fact that they enable a player to convert boring statistical data and translate that into feelings, sensations and movements that can be incorporated into their games. We have a long way to go because the majority of Tour Players haven’t yet had a chance to use them. Although it helped a lot when Henrik Stenson gave a live interview from the range prior to his final round at Doral at the World Golf Championships stating that he warmed up before every round with them. We would like to congratulate both Henrik and his long term coach Pete Cowen on a fantastic start to the 2015 season. Long may it continue.

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