A Master Professional's Report after 6 months of DST Usage with his students

A Master Professional's Report after 6 months of DST Usage with his students

DST Golf Clubs – From a Club Pro’s point of view

Now I have been using DST Golf Clubs in my coaching for around 6 months I’d like to report my findings.

In my experience of 40 years teaching golfers of all standards and abilities there is one common and recurring fault with virtually everyone, more noticeable in new golfers; and it is caused by the players desire to get the golf ball in the air.

If those of us who’ve been playing for many years, think back to our early golfing days you will recall that anything in the air is an acceptable result. Consequently there is a strong tendency in beginners and club golfers to attempt to lift or scoop the ball instead of allowing the loft on the golf club to do the job.

The golf ball, especially with irons, must be struck on the downswing and the DST Compressor is brilliant in helping people understand and feel this.

I now use the DST Golf Clubs for the first lesson with every new pupil, without fail and results have been phenomenal. For complete beginners it speeds up the learning process so much, I simply give them a grip and posture and DST does the rest. The very first lesson is exclusively using the DST Compressor wedge and the correct address position is learned quickly and the concept of leading with the hands and transferring weight through impact comes naturally. I then transfer to the CR-10 straight shaft and remind the pupil to take note of the HPAM (Hand Position Alignment Marker) and hey presto they have learned to strike a golf ball correctly right from day one. They understand that if you hit down on the ball it will go up into the air, remarkable.

This process can take years to fathom out and I firmly believe that if all new golfers are taught using DST they will learn so much faster and enjoy the experience, get into the game and stay in because they are getting good results, quickly.

I’ve also helped many established golfers, some who never realised what they should be doing and had completely the wrong thoughts in how a golf ball should be struck. The DST Golf Clubs gave them renewed enthusiasm and understanding, sometimes it is literally like a light bulb going on!

The interesting factor is that I am saying just the same things that I’ve always said in my teaching – DST reinforces my message and in a tangible way.

As a teaching Pro, I’ve come across and helped hundreds of low handicap players who’ve been struggling with confidence and technique in their short games. Well now I give them a DST Compressor wedge and often within minutes good results flow and confidence begins to be restored.

In summary, the magic of DST Golf Clubs is that they are for everybody. From total novice to the best player in the Club and beyond to the guys on Tour who earn their living playing our game – all can benefit from having a DST Compressor to warm up and practice with.

Nigel Blenkarne

PGA Master Professional

Director of Golf, Bigbury Golf Club

South Devon


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