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Welcome to DST's Impact Line Service

Moving forwards from the success of having 21 of the Top 27 players in the Official World Golf Rankings using DST training clubs on the range, we are pleased to announce the launch of DST’s Impact Line Service.

Taken from the game-changing technology incorporated in the DST Compressor & CR-10 training clubs, the Impact Line has just been approved by the R&A for use in conforming clubs. Meaning that you can have DST's Impact Line technology added to all of the clubs in your bag and they will still be legal for use in competition play. Allowing you to Locate, Train & Perfect the Optimal Impact Position, both on the range and now on the course. Therefore the DST Impact Line will become embedded into your pre-shot routine and allow you to reach an impact position where the club is still under lag tension and under control.

Through extensive independent research conducted using Trackman, K-Vest Technology  and Force Plate Technology the “Impact Line” has been identified to have the following effects on golfers swings:

  • Reduced divergence between club path and face angle at impact
  • Tighter ball dispersion 
  • Reduced spin loft (increased carry)
  • Low point moves forward in swing arc (improved strike) 
  • Improved downswing kinematic sequence 
  • Increased pelvis and torso velocity 
  • Reduced speed of clubface rotation at impact (a more stable clubface)
  • More consistent distance control    

"DST's Impact Line Technology is the Secret of Golf in one line"
Bertie Cordle, Founder & CEO

DST's Impact Line Service - Prices

£899 per set of irons
£899 ex.VAT per set of irons (9 clubs)

- Shipping costs are tailored to each customer dependent upon location and will be arranged upon booking -
- Customer drop off & pick up is available.

To start your order process for this service or to ask further questions, please get in touch and provide us with the following information

 1. Reference 'DST's Impact Line Service' in your message.


We aim to reply to all emails within 24 hours, but please note that during busy periods, it can sometimes be longer. At this time DST’s Impact Line Service is mainly a UK based service due to logistics. However, if you are based elsewhere please get in contact and we’ll let you know if it is possible.