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"I wanted to thank you for creating this product. I’m an 8 handicap and I’ve been playing for 30 years. I’m about to turn 50. About a year a half ago I filmed my swing in slow motion for the first time with my iPhone. It revealed a major flip just prior to impact and an awful chicken wing post impact. Distance was not my problem but rather consistency. I spent countless hours with many different teaching aids. Nothing worked. I even tried the DST wedge about 9 months ago and I could make decent contact but slow motion still revealed a flip.

Even though I didn’t have much success with the wedge I recently decided to take the plunge when I spotted a deal on both the CR10 wedge and the 8 iron. Again I  tried them and had no success defeating the flip. I decided the other day to read the instructions on your website once again. I realized that I was fanning the club open on my backswing. So I focused instead of keeping the club face looking at the ball as advised !

Everything suddenly changed. I was finally hitting the ball effortlessly with a downward strike with forward shaft lean. I transitioned to full swings, again keeping a square clubface while gradually hinging my wrists for a full shot. The video once again revealed forward shaft lean when striking the ball. I was suddenly really compressing the ball for the first time in my life. The  beauty of the training aid is that it taught me to set up to the ball properly. I’ve never set up with my hands in front of the ball from face on. Instead, I would set up with my hands behind the ball and I played the ball far back in my stance. Basically, the clubshaft traced the inside of my RIGHT leg at address from face-on. Looking down, the leading edge did appear to be pointing straight ahead from this setup position. But in looking at my former setup position, it’s no wonder I flipped.

What the DST has taught me is an ideal setup. I must say that with my hands ahead of the ball and using the site line. the clubface initially did appear shut or hooded compared with my old setup.  But trusting the site line has made me realize that with the shaft leaning forward, the clubface only appeared hooded because I have been setting up wrong for years. After a short time....just a few days, the clubface now simply looks square. I have not hit the driver yet, so I’m not sure how this new setup position will work. But I’ve never hit my irons so crisply. More than anything, the video now reveals that the left shoulder and the shaft form a straight line post impact. I even get that bent shaft look if I freeze it just post impact.

Just wanted to thank you again for creating such a wonderful tool. I honestly thought I might lose my mind before losing the flip." - Ned Getmany

" Hi guys. I received the CR10 wedge for winning the contest you ran last month. It looks great! Immediately put me into a great set up position. Thanks again." - Jim Geruzzi


“Thank you for the awesome club. I just tried it out with the instructions and holy crap, huge results in 10 mins! Can’t wait to get the others! I just gained 20 yards on each club!I don’t know why I didn’t get this sooner!”

 Larry Jimenez, Golf Channel Am Tour, Instagram: @golfit1   





“Since I started training with my DST clubs my handicap has reduced from 1.9 to 0.8, it also assisted in me winning the Munster Seniors Championship, which resulted in my selection to the Irish Seniors International team. DST clubs are suitable for players of any age, and are by far the best training clubs I have ever come across. I would strongly recommend them to any player wishing to reduce their handicap.”

Nigel Duke, Irish Seniors Championship Player

“I’ve found it very difficult to award a training aid “Worthy” status as my time as a reviewer, however the DST Compressor is unique but it takes a little getting used to the differences it has versus a standard club. But the more I was swinging the DST Compressor the more I started to get the gist of the club. In fact, after using the club I was riding a new wave of confidence I hadn’t seen in a while. I just couldn't believe how much better I was striking the ball. It was mind-blowing. I felt like a TOUR PRO, it sounds ludicrous, I know, but it’s true. My ball striking was INSANE. I was hitting the ball so well I even impressed my playing partner. My shots were crisp and penetrating with the changes incorporated into my swing from training with the DST Compressor. The DST trains your body the proper sequence for an ideal impact position to compress the ball. After seeing it first hand, the DST Compressor is as legit of a training aid as I’ve ever experienced. What it was able to teach my body in a relatively short time was remarkable. I put a lot of work to get to that point, don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t a walk in the park. The mind likes things as they are and is hesitant to change. Especially when you’ve been doing the same swing movements for a long time. Much like the years, it took me to overcome my casting, over the top move, it’s going to take an equal amount of time and dedication to teach my muscles this new motion. I’m all for it though, if anything I’ve seen first-hand what’s possible, and let me tell you it’s AMAZING. There’s a reason why so many Tour Pro’s are utilizing the DST Compressor. Simply put, IT WORKS! I’ve been blown away with the DST and everyone I’ve talked to that’s used one ultimately agrees, it’s a fantastic training aid.”

Matthew Wangrycht, The Breakfast Ball, Twitter: @BBGolfBlog


Hi Bertie, just wanted to give you my thoughts on the DST Compressor 8 iron, which has done wonders for my ball striking. First, a little bit about my golf background. I've been playing consistently (minus deployments - I'm active duty Navy) since 2000. My game has certainly improved since I first started, but like most amateurs my ball striking has been inconsistent. Fast forward to my last duty station Monterey, CA. A friend of mine mentioned the DST Compressor and talked about how it had benefited his game. I was a bit skeptical as I don't use many training aids, but I figured it was worth a shot for $99. Prior to my DST Compressor 8-iron arriving, I had read the online information and had a good understanding of how to use it. When it arrived, I immediately went to the range to try it out. Predictably, my first shot was skulled, but I reset, took a smooth swing and started making fantastic contact with the club. Since that first range session, my DST Compressor 8-iron has been my go to warm up club and it has really helped me improve my ball striking. For the money, I'd be hard pressed to find a better training aid and if you want to improve your ball striking the check out the DST Compressor!!! Josh Hicks  

Steven Hallowell TestimonialI have always had consistency issues hitting my woods and irons. I saw some of your ads along with clips of Pro's using your product without being paid and I broke down and paid the $100 for the DST Compressor 8 Iron. It is the best $100 I ever spent. I'm a 12 handicap but still struggle with my game. I took the Compressor to the range and have also practiced with it at home. I liked what I was seeing and feeling so went out to play some rounds. I shot my best scores ever. +6, +4, and scratch this weekend. Amazing! I was hitting iron and woods flush and hitting straighter and farther. I hope you guys come out with a set or more irons in the future. Great, amazing product. I will always use the Compressor for practice and warm ups. Thanks
Steven Hallowell
 Amateur Golfer
Prospect Park PA
Question from Bruce Wellmon @bruwell@Secrettourpro is @DSTGolf still part of your practice routine?   Answer from @secrettourpro 24th October 2016: Everyday mate, Best training aid out there.
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The golf club with a curved shaft that helps golfers improve their impact position started out as a curiosity on the pro tours a little over a year ago, but now you can't walk the length of a range at a PGA Tour event without seeing at least half the field warming up with one.

For what it's worth, I've been golfing for the past seven years and this has been my best season. As a Northeast golfer, it took me a while to get my game back in the Spring, but I blistered the Summer with nine straight rounds in the 80's and a career-best 82. There were plenty of factors involved: a few golf lessons, better course management and a positive attitude. I can also credit the DST Compressor for helping my short game and for making my average iron shots more functional. 
Rusty Cage
 www.citizencage.com review Click Here for more
"Best training aid on the market" 
Scott Johnson
PGA Professional
Twitter @SJohnsonPGA
 thanks! Love your product. Use it everyday! It's in a lot of my students bags now (via Twitter)
Scott Hause
PGA Professional and Golf Instructor
I recieved my 8 Iron Compressor just over a week ago and practiced every day with it for about 30 minutes or so and then on to my own clubs for another 30 minutes. I noticed straight away the consistent accuracy I was achieving with better ball striking and increased distance.

I played in the Open at my club on Sunday and achieved a 3rd place finish in Division 2 with a 10th place overall in the competition - 105 competitors. I also had my handicap cut from 16 to 14 and hope this form will continue with the aid of the DST Compressor. 
Gary Stronach
The Blairgowrie Golf Club (Rosemount & Lansdowne Championship Courses)
Handicap 14
The one golf training aid that has helped me the most this year! Thanks for the compressor  (via Twitter)
Jordan Smith
Leader of the Challenge Tour Rankings
 is the best practice aid, fave snack would be ham, cheese & colslaw sandwich (via Twitter)
The Secret Tour Pro
I have finally felt and heard what COMPRESSING a golf ball is all about. Within 10 minutes of using the DST Compressor 8 Iron I started hitting the golf ball in a way unknown to me.Thank you so much for creating this club and getting it to me as promised in 2 days!!
Len K
Tustin, CA
Handicap +1
Since starting the game 10 years ago, I struggled with starting the downswing which caused all kinds of problems - casting, over the top, chicken wing. Because the Compressor taught me the feeling of where I needed to be at impact, I was able to figure out how to deliver the club and then figured out how to shift my weight at the top of the backswing. The best part......it only took me two sessions on the range.
This new feeling I had was transferred to every club in my bag and out on the Golf Course. My first round after using the Compressor 8 Iron, I struck the ball flush and was hitting approach shots with confidence and success. Chips and pitches were struck solid with accurate direction and distance.
My only mistake is that I did not buy the Wedge at the same time as I can see it being useful to practice chipping indoors. Also, now that I am striking more solid, my second shot's on Par 5's are travelling further leaving me with 1/2 and 3/4 wedge shot's to hit the green - which is a very nice problem to have.
Chris Asper
Toronto, Canada
Handicap 16
I was just wondering if I could get my hands on a DST Compressor as I have been using my coaches one for most of this year, but I really need one of my own to travel to events. It is a great training aid and helps me get pressure on the ball and not flip my hands over after impact. I have been using this for most of the year and it has helped me a lot.
Jordan Smith
Leader of the Order of Merit on 2016 Challenge Tour
 Are you guys making whole club sets yet? I think this is the future of golf (via Twitter)
Tom Pistone
Lake Norman, NC
  that's why we practice with it!!   (via Twitter)
Danny Willett
Masters Champion 2016
 is the best training aid on the market. (via Twitter)
The Secret Tour Pro
Thanks for the DST 8 Iron you let me have at St. Enodoc during the Cornwall Festival. I am not a coach who extensively uses training aids but I have to say this one produced unbelievable results with all levels of golfer. I now use it habitually as part of my coaching and to a person, the results have been staggering. Rather than "teaching" the correct position at impact, students are able to see it and feel it, then replicate it at full speed. Thanks again.
Richard Sadler
PGA Professional, Cornwall Golf Union Coach and former Web.com Tour member
I have never commented on a training aid before but I feel obliged to comment about the DST Club. I am a 12 handicap player from Toronto, Canada and purchased the DST Compressor Wedge approximately 3 weeks ago. The problem I had , I could hit a pitching wedge 115 yards comfortably but once I put a gap or sand wedge in my hands, I could not hit either club over 40 yards. It made the game very difficult as I had to manafacture a shot from all distances within 115 yards.The first time I tried the DST Wedge, I shanked it, I again could get no distance and wondered what the heck did I buy. Working with my Pro, he made some minor tweaks (shortened my swing and had me swing at 80%). Suddenly I started to strike the ball........ not great but better. Flight was lowered and slowly distance increased. I continue to use it (3-4 times a week) on the range and though a little inconsistent I do see improvement. Now the important comment. I have no idea why or how, but every facet of my game has improved. Golf is fun again. Driver, Fairway Woods, Hybrids or Irons EVERY CLUB I hit is better than ever. I would conservatively say that 80% of my shots are "solid and effortless". Playing yesterday with my regular group, I hit every fairway, reached 400+ yards par 4s with middle or short irons and even hit a 75 yard sand wedge 10 feet from the stick. One of playing partners made the comment "I haven't seen you hit the ball so well in the last 10 years" (I think he was wrong, I dont ever remember hitting the ball so well). By the way I am almost 70 years old and regret not having this wonderful training aid for the last 40 years!  I cannot say enough good things about it.
Howard Kline
Handicap 12
Toronto, Canada
Oh my lord............In half a day the DST Compressor 8 Iron has changed the way I set up, the results, spine tingling.
Ian Marshall
Handicap 3
Grimsby UK
To say the DST Compressor is a great training aid is an understatement. I believe it is the best training aid that the game of golf has ever seen and that every golfer who has aspirations of improving should put one in their golf bag and train with it whenever possible.

For years I have been waiting for a training aid that would help me replicate the feel of a good impact position. When I saw the DST Compressor I knew this was a training aid I just had to have. For many years I have struggled to keep the vertical launch of my golf ball low enough to to produce a consistent penetrating ball flight. After only 10 minutes of hitting shots with the DST Compressor I immediately understood the feel I needed to hit the shot I desired. I now warm up with this club before every practice session and before every round.

I also had great success with my coaching using the DST Compressor. I have been able to show beginners the desired impact position from day 1 before they create bad habits. With experienced golfers it has given them a great feel of where the hands need to be at impact and has helped them feel how the lead shoulder and hip need to clear out of the way to make room for the hands to lead the club head to impact.

Not only has the DST Compressor helped a lot of my lessons experience a better impact position I have found it improves their delivery of the club head to the golf ball. I have had chronic slicers hitting draws after 15 minutes of training with the DST Compressor.
Ben Mason
Former European Tour Professional
PGA Professional
I used my DST 8 Iron and love it. I went to Pro's for years telling them I was cupping my left wrist at impact looking for help. One of the top Pro's said "Yes. Come back when you strengthen your wrists." I should have slapped him down in an arm wrestling contest right there and then! :) But anyway, now at 60 years old I'm finding this is the best method, really the first, of finding Ben Hogan's pronation and supination demonstrated to me. I had a whole new feeling releasing my right hip at impact and was hitting nice little draws with some nice zip on the ball. No more cupped left wrist; my nemesis since beginning golf at the age of 7. Thanks!
Jeff Peeters
After using the Compressor Wedge to teach it quickly became clear that this was the best teaching/practice aid that I have ever used. Due to the design it manages to work on the set up and impact throughout the swing, whether it was a short chip, pitch or full swing. All this whilst improving consistency of strike due to the repetition involved. I have incorporated this in to my own game and am starting to see the results.
Dan Balsdon
PGA Professional
Bovey Castle
Simply put, it’s amazing. The pros think it’s amazing. The amateurs I know who have used it think it’s amazing. And I feel the same way.
Sean Ogle
Equipment Reviewer for www.BreakingEighty.com Read full article here: http://breakingeighty.com/dst-compressor-8-iron-review
Hello, I just got back from my golf trip and I saw some great improvement in my iron striking and wanted to get back to you with my review!
I've only used the DST wedge 4 times but I am already noticing a difference. I have learned how to begin my swing from optimal setup and my iron shots have gone from a guessing game to having a tighter compaction and hitting more greens in regulation (8 in my last round vs 4.3 on avg). Thanks to DST I have the confidence to hit my longer irons which used to be simply in my bag to get out from under trees!
Christian Hildebrand
Glen Ellyn IL USA
Handicap 15.2
Regarding the delivery of my Compressor 8 Iron, nothing to say, I got it within a week and Allison was very helpful on Facebook to answer all my questions. I was eager to give it a try on the range during the weekend. I'm hcp 3, I have played golf for 25 years, 3 to 4 times per week, I read the instructions carefully but couldn’t resist starting with a regular swing (unlike what you recommend to start with chipping and pitching to understand the club)…after literally 20 shanks in a row, I went back to the instructions and learnt how to walk. The DST Compressor forced me to swing more on plane (I tend to bring the club, a little too much on the inside sometimes). So in my case I found the compressor to be very precise to set up the motion on the right plane from the first balls of my session, no guessing, if it's not on plane it's punishment. I did also experience a few slight pulls that I fixed with better weight transfer. I agree with previous reviews that it is by far one of the best training tools I have ever tried.
Cesar de Ghouy
Handicap 3
I have never fully understood how to clear my hips in the downswing and consequently never really struck the ball pure, even though I've got down to a 6 handicap (5.7). I have had upwards of 30 lessons and although I've improved over the years to a good standard, I've always felt that there was more in there, after only 10/12 hits at the range WOW I was striking my 5 iron like never before. A lovely 5 yard draw with a flight that oozed quality moving on to my 8 iron and 52 wedge the ball striking was right out the middle with what appeared to be a significant increase in ball speed off the face. It took me today 03/02/16 less than 5 minutes to understand and then implement the correct impact position with hips cleared and hands leading the club that I've fought to achieve over the last 15 years. The 8 iron Compressor club is a genuine game changer and I can't wait to get back to the range to work some more and get out on the course and start hitting some real quality golf shots.
Peter Jackson
St. Helens. UK
Handicap 6

Hey y'all!!! Welcome to the this is where I'll be starting my day with and the range...

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Question from: Barry Boy Munro @barryboymunro Asked SECRET TOUR PRO  best piece of equipment you've ever used?
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The is awesome


In a very short period of time, the DST training clubs produced a quantum leap improvement in the quality of my ball striking, which directly translated into a handicap improvement of approximately 5 strokes over the course of the season. Recently at my local golf range the teaching professional noticed my DST 8-iron in my bag and asked if he could try it out. About an hour later he reappeared with a huge smile on his face and claimed that his lifelong "butter cut" had been transformed into "beautiful baby draws." The key message is that the DST clubs can not only greatly benefit double-digit handicappers but also single-digit and scratch players.
Jim Sedlak
Bedminster, New Jersey, USA
Handicap 13
I've always been a big believer that shaft lean is one of the crucial ingredients to great ball striking so when I saw the new DST 8 iron compressor I knew that this club would be a winner with me. I started to work with the DST Compressor two weeks prior to European Tour School Final Stage and I hit upward of 50 balls everyday with it in the build up to tour school.
At PGA Catalunya I worked religiously pre and post round with my DST Compressor and I was quickly able to find my release points and my penetrating ball flight I so badly needed to perform well at the school.
I honestly believe if you are trying to sequence your body rotation with your arm speed this is a must have club to enforce those great feelings of a late and compressed strike.
I won't go to the range without my DST Compressor in the bag. I can honestly say in all my years in golf this is by far the best functional training aid I have ever used
Ulrich van den Berg
Winner European Tour Qualifying School 2015/16
7 Time Winner on the Sunshine Tour
My 8 iron was delivered today. I took it to the practice range and hit twenty balls to get the feel. The setup position was completely foreign to me, but once I got used to it, I was "striping" the ball like never before. I've tried about a dozen training products over the years, and this is the "real deal!" I hope to lower my handicap in 2016.
Jim Forte
Cincinnati, Ohio
6.4 handicap
Played less than 10 times this year due to 60hr work weeks. I used to shoot around 80 consistently but 87 was the best I could do this year. Got the Compressor 8-Iron, hit about 50 balls with it yesterday ......Shot 77 today!! Pured everything!! Thank you DST GOLF!!! (via Facebook)
Randy Crowe
Handicap 15
Kokomo, Indiana
@DSTGolf Practice with this awsome club (Twitter post)
Daniel Gaunt
European Tour Player
I cannot say how good these training clubs are. @DSTGolf #Magic
Chase Davis
PGA Professional
Sprowston Manor
The @DSTGolf Compressor does what they say and trains Optimal Impact Position. Not usually a fan of training aids but this is excellent.
Derek Ireland
East Lothian, Scotland
Twitter - @DSTGolf Many thanks for the training club... The right feeling at Impact! Thumbs Up
Dominic Foos
Winner Gant Open
The Youngest Ever Winner of a Challenge Tour Event at 17 years old. 16th August 2015
Hi Bertie,
I hope this finds you well.  I got your contact information from Dan Gaunt, a mate of mine on the Challenge and European Tour. I am looking to get a DST compressor 8 iron if at all possible. I used one tonight with my coach Tony Mulholland and it really helped. Massively. It was quite exciting actually.
My career highlight was finishing 5th in the 2013 Irish Open. So I can play!
Let me know if your able to help. 
Gareth Shaw
Just got my DST club. Awesome results. First student used it with improvement right away. This picture tells it all, first picture was his improved swing. He picked up 26 yards of carry on 8 iron! Twitter  I have a lot more improvement documented. Tested it for 1 week with 25 students. Now ready to order more. It's helps all players!
James Kinney Golf Digest Best Young Instructor 2014/2015.
Owner / Director of Instruction GolfTEC Omaha
The Professional Golf Teachers Association of America (PGTAA)  wholeheartedly endorses the DST Golf Club to teach students what it feels like to hit the ball properly and consistently. The DST's are great for warm-ups and practice rounds and most definitely provide great feedback watching the ball and the strike.
Dr. Barry Lotz
I recently purchased the DST 8 Iron.
I have always struggled with an early release and have therefore suffered with inconsistent contact or have pulled the ball to the left.
Having now used the DST twice I have seen a dramatic improvement in both contact and accuracy.
Initially for a "caster" the feel is quite alien and it is difficult to get the club back to the ball without hitting it very fat or shanking the ball.
The answer to this is to take short "chip" like swings and to slowly build up to complete swings.
After a short while the feel becomes quite natural, this is the feeling that good ball strikers achieve, and the quality of the strike is something to wonder at.
Time and time again the club head strikes the ball with the satisfying sound that we are all trying to achieve, contact is made with the ground after contact with the ball and a shallow divot is made.
When swapping back to one of my usual irons the results were the same as with the DST. A late contact with great results.
If the results with the normal club started to deteriorate a few swings with the DST changed things back again.
I fully expect that with more use the feel and movements will become ingrained and lead to a great improvement to my scoring.
I cannot recommend this club highly enough and look forward to using it for many years to come.
Peter Hilton
Only had this a week and already feeling the difference in the ball striking and confidence with every club. It just makes sense. Could not recommend highly enough.
Luke Walker - Handicap 11.5
Belfast,Northern Ireland
Having met with the guys whilst working at the Irish Open, I was very impressed with the concept as were a number of the Pro's warming up and I ordered my wedge same day. Delivery (3-5 days) was actually only 2 days which was great!!! Using the product is definitely improving my striking position. I've just returned from a weeks coaching in England and my PGA coach was also very impressed with the club and was looking into it for himself. Great product and I'd recommend it to anyone who is serious about improving their ball striking!!
Sam Thompson
Hi Guys,
I bought your product in UK, but I live in Switzerland.
Played golf the last four years, bought all the training aids.....Plaser, Tour Striker, you name it I have bought it.
I have to say what a fantastic thing you have built. My chipping has improved overnight and with the full swing. I now can feel the path that the club has to come in on.
For me hands down the best training aid ever!
Brilliant job.
Steve Watson
I purchased a DST compressor Wedge last week. It arrived within 4 days of being ordered which was faster than I had expected.
The quality of the product is excellent, equally as good looking as my Titleist Vokey or Cleveland Rotex wedges.
In terms of use it is simple to preset the correct impact position with the aiming line and the curved shaft.
Feel off the clubface is great and gives solid feedback. The curved shaft has definitely highlighted that I wasn’t in the correct position at impact. I have had a few mishits, but I expected that and am not in any way put off. I will need to use the compressor more in order to build the correct muscle memory but already I am noticing that I have a lower, more controllable trajectory when pitching.
Moving further up the bag, I am having to work hard to get the correct impact position and may well be purchasing the compressor 8 iron to assist me with longer shots. That said I am confident that once I have the feel completely assimilated I will start to strike my longer irons with much greater authority and improve trajectory, length, dispersion and control.
It also helps with chipping set up and authority of strike on very short shots.
I highly recommend the compressor wedge to help users improve their impact position and I look forward to my scores improving as my iron play gets better. How about a long iron/hybrid or DST putter?
David Edwards - Handicap 14
South East London UK
My DST Compressor Wedge arrived Monday. I started practicing chips and pitch shots around the green after work 3 times and this Saturday went to the range and hit half to 3/4 swings with my other clubs had great contact with my full shots. What I noticed is that I understand what a square face at impact feels like with forward shaft lean. I have played golf for 50 years and haven't really understood proper form at impact. I have had lessons to help improve lagging the club and have found that DST Compressor Wedge helps me to feel what impact should both feel like and look like. I played Sunday on a cold breezy day. The golf course didn't have a driving range so I hit approximately 15 chips and pitches. I shot an 81 which for the conditions was a good score for me. What I noticed was my misses were more playable. I feel that the DST compressor is worth the investment if a golfer wants to improve their game.
Jim Montague - Handicap 10
Scottsdale AZ
Just finished first session with my curved 8-iron! This has to be the ultimate training and warm up club. The first 4 balls went dead left which got better with improved weight shift. But still pulled left because I was too quick to rotate and didn't delay my strike. This intuitively led me to turn my back on the target on backswing to get the club into proper position at the top to drop it in the slot. Combining this with the weight shift and delayed release allowed me to just relax and let it happen. After I had  hit several shots on target I picked up my regular 8-iron and proceeded to hit towering soft draws that carried about 155 yards!
Absolutely amazing results after only about a dozen balls. This club showed me everything I was doing wrong that I have been unable to figure out in the last two months. It's like having an instructor at your side.
I can easily see that a CR-10 long iron could replace a hybrid. Tell Bertie hats off and two thumbs up from me. He's a genius!
Scott Varner
I've used the DST compressor 8 iron 3 times at the driving range thus far. It is amazing how far forward your hands need to be in order to compress the ball correctly, and this follows when I use my own 8 iron. I really believe that I need to stick with hitting this club on the range interspersed with hitting my own irons. It will definitely improve my ball striking, but it is not an "aha moment" where everything is perfect thereafter. It is a longer term improvement device where I'll need to change my muscle memory and impart the feel of a correct hands forward impact without thinking about it or trying to do it. I really bought this for improving my wife's ball striking but I now feel that I will benefit as much as she will. In summary, this game improvement club is well worth the money, but don't expect overnight results. Just stick with practicing with the compressor 8 iron to develop the proper feel.
"Golf Lover"
Since purchasing the compressor wedge, some 4 weeks ago and using it both at the range and on the course during practise rounds, I have reduced my playing handicap by three shots from 12 to 9! Two shots were taken off, for finishing 1stand 2nd in Division 1 in major summer season competitions (both over 170 players) and one for "exceptional" play during this 31 day period.
That is not the end of the good news only last night I shot 76 gross ( 4 over par) which I have not done in the last 5 years, this dramatic improvement is down to one thing the "DST Compressor Wedge" which has improved my striking position and as a direct result the contact I now achieve with the ball.All my shots irrespective of the iron I use, now have a much more penetrating flight and are straighter.
In addition continual practise with the wedge has much improved my chipping action/results around the green , which has contributed heavily with regard to my overall scoring.
What is exciting is that I now have a piece of equipment which is being actively used by golf professionals at the highest level on all tours, who are experiencing the same feelings and results as I am now enjoying.
Well done DST on producing a "Game Changer" for golfers of all abilities.
Mark Doolan - One Happy Customer.
Having seen the article about you and your DST clubs in Golf 2015 Magazine and then seeing them used by Justin Rose as he warmed up for the last round of Jack Nicklaus's Memorial Tournament I could not wait to get my clubs and try them out. They are truly amazing - I wish I could commission you to make a full set for me - they are the key to perfect lag and perfect contact. I know that Messrs Hogan, Norman and Knudsen would be proud of you - I can't wait for my next session on the range.
George Lengvari
DSTGolf Thanks for helping me with my practice. I recommend it because it helps me a lot.
Fabian Gomez
Winner of the 2015 FEDEX St.Jude Classic PGA Tour event
(Translated from Spanish)
"The most useful golf training aid introduced globally in recent years, I attended a handful of PGA Tour events early in 2015, and there were times when half the players on the range seemed to be using DST Clubs"
Jim Achenbach - Senior Editor Golfweek Magazine
The DST Compressor clubs are great been using them in my warm up and practice sessions. Great feedback watching the ball and strike. Many thanks!
Scott Jamieson - European Tour Player & Winner of the Nelson Mandela Championship 2013
loving the practice clubs
Jason Barnes - European Tour Player
Great mornings practice with the new clubs.... unbelievable for everything I'm working on!!
Matt Nixon - European Tour Player
May be the best training club I've come across. 
Shaun Micheel - Major Champion (PGA Championship 2003)
I've seen and experienced your product, through Jim Murphy at Sugar Creek Country Club in Houston, Texas. Very Impressive. I've experienced many training aids in my 30+ years in our industry. Your new teaching experience is a 'must have' for every beginner and recreational golfer. I've never seen a more unique and fundamentally sound invention.
Alvin Newell
I am delighted to have got my first win under my belt on the Web-Com Tour. It's given me a real boost to move forwards for the rest of the season. I've won twice on the European Tour and it's great to keep the momentum going. I knew I was coming into some good form in February after being introduced to the DST Compressor by a friend on the PGA Tour. I've been working with the DST clubs in my range sessions and it's definitely paid off as the feeling has transferred into my game really nicely. It's great to have a feeling that I know works for me on the range which I can then take out on the course
Dawie van der Walt
European Tour & Web.Com Tour Player
Winner of the 2015 Chile Classic
"Just used your DST Compressor Wedge with my coach Pete Cowen. It's absolutely amazing, I'm taking it to my next event in Morocco. Awesome Training Aid!
Simon Dyson - 6 Time Winner on the European Tour
Hey Guys, My name is Scott Gardiner and I play on the PGA TOUR. I am playing in Brazil this week and saw one of your clubs in the teaching pros office. Upon completing my round I asked if I could borrow it and I used it for a while! Great product!
This is the most significant aid to golfing progress in teaching and playing the game that I have ever seen in my 40 years as a golf professional
Nigel Blenkarne - PGA Master Professional
After reading a review about DST Golf and visiting your website, I thought I should give it a try. I live in Barcelona but my daughters live in Boston. So two weeks ago, I visited them and ordered my DST Compressor.  As soon as I returned home I went to the driving range and started practicing. I have to say it felt quite strange to begin with but I do believe the physics behind the concept. I am a senior player that started golf aged 52. I am now 64. When I bought the DST Compressor my exact handicap was 5.3. Last week I played a tournament and dropped my handicap to 4.8. I had a divine vision and shocked myself because I played effortless golf. Thinking I had played my best golf ever....Until yesterday, when again I played like an angel and shot a 71 (Level Par!) Dropping my handicap again to an exact of 4.2. I thought of keeping this discovery a secret, but that's not fair. Happiness means it has to be shared....right? Thank you for developing this training club, its already brought alot of happiness to me. 
Josep Estebanell - Handicap 4.2!!
It just simplified everything
Joe Cruse - Handicap +3
Having purchased the Compressor 8 Iron at my pro's request and then having hit around 200 balls at the range using the club, I went for a lesson using it yesterday! The pro who is also a friend said, that the change that it has already made is truly unbelievable. What he has tried to get me to do for 5 years has now occured in 4 days! 
Dave Clews - Handicap 8
This has made a huge difference to the actual impact of the ball, I could feel it straight away, it was effortless. I've never felt that position before.
Trudie Tensjo - Handicap 13
I think the Compressor is wonderful, it does so many things in one package. I can just see and feel what it's trying to do for me.
Stuart Morley OBE - Handicap 13
When I started hitting balls with the Compressor, It opened another world. 
Pete Scholey - Handicap 21